There is no 11am community class tomorrow, but there is 11am yoga with Nadia!

Overhead Squat
20m to work to a heavy single

4 Rounds
360m Run
6 Front Squats (165/105)
12 Toes to Bar

Start today by working up to a heavy single Overhead Squat. If this is a new movement for you, or you’re still working on technique, keep the weight light and focus on form. Otherwise, go heavy and get after it!

The workout is 4 rounds of a 1 lap run in/out the garage, followed by 6 Front Squats taken from the floor, then 12 Toes to Bar. Choose a load for the Front Squats that is heavy and challenging, but not so heavy that you’ll need to do 6 singles. If you blow through this weight easily and unbroken each time, the weight is too light.

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