On the heels of Thanksgiving, I wanted to reflect on how the box has changed over the last few days and give thanks to everyone who has helped me in my endeavor. Whether you’ve assisted in laying the mats or building the rig (either time), or taken a trip with me to Lowes, or sent me a positive text or facebook message, I appreciate your friendship and support and hope you can enjoy this gym as much as I plan to. Without a strong community, CrossFit gyms are just another building with fancy equipment. Thank you to everyone who’s already a part of this one.

The rig is finally bolted into the ground, and other than a few minor details, the gym is ready and eager to be used. Tomorrow some friends are coming by for a morning workout. Consider it a test run for the first of many Saturday mornings at CF Brave.

Strength: Sled pushes

Partner workout. Teams may partition work however they’d like. Each partner must complete at least one buddy carry during the course of the workout.

200m med ball run, then:

4 Rounds
30 Wall Balls
30 DB Snatches
30 Burpees
100m Buddy carry

Finish with 200m med ball run

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