Shoulder Press
2 sets of 5 @ last week + 5
1 set of max reps @ last week + 5

Gabe’s Belated Birthday Workout!
10 Cleans (165/105)
31 Shoulder to Overhead (165/105)
23 Pull Ups
90 Double Unders

Today is week 4 of our 6 week Shoulder Press cycle. The weight is going to start getting heavy this week, so make sure you’ve warmed up enough before starting your work sets. Even if you completed 10+ reps last week, consider only going up by 5 pounds this week unless the weight is entirely too light during the warm up.

The conditioning is a tribute to Gabe for his birthday last week. Scale the Clean and Shoulder to Overhead weight to a weight you can manage. If you’ve been doing Cleans from the hang, stay there unless your coach gives you the go-ahead to pull from the ground. Break up the Shoulder-to-Overhead as needed. I recommend using a Push Jerk for this movement since it’s such high volume. Finish the workout with 90 Double Unders, or 30 Double Under attempts. Yes, Double Unders 2 days in a row. I hope your lashes have healed.

Finally, to confirm, yes, Gabe was born in 1990.

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