1a. Back Squat
3×10 @ 70%

1b. Strict Pull Ups
3 x max reps
If you can do more than 10 strict, add weight between feet

3 Thrusters (105/65)
6 Deadlifts (105/65)
9 Burpees

After warming up, complete 3 sets of 10 Squats at around 70% of your max. Be sure to keep breathing and maintain your technique as you fatigue towards the end of each set. Between sets of Squats, complete 3 sets of Strict Pull Ups for max reps. If you can complete 10+, use a dumbbell between your feet to add weight. If you can’t do a Strict Pull Ups, either do Ring Rows, or use the thinnest band possible to complete 10.

The workout is short and fast. The Deadlifts will be light, but be sure to keep your form towards the end of the workout. Try to stay unbroken with the Thrusters and the Deadlifts. This workout is all about how quickly can you cycle the Burpees.

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