5m Double Under practice

5 Rounds
2 Barbell Complex
Power Clean > Hang Squat Clean > Front Squat > Jerk

For today’s skill, we’ll practice Double Unders. Take this time to see how many you can get without missing. Going single-double is fine, just remember to stay relaxed and find your rhythm. If you know you’re going to miss repeatedly, wear long sleeves…or arm sleeves.

After Front Rack mobilization and warming up our Cleans, Front Squats, and Jerks, we’ll complete 5 rounds of the Barbell Complex listed above. One round is 2x (1 Power Clean > 1 Hang Squat Clean > 1 Front Squat > 1 Jerk). You should move through this complex fairly quickly, and you should try to hold your hook grip the entire round. Take about 90 seconds between rounds and add weight as technique allows.

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