1a. Deadlift
2×2 @ AHAP

1b. Strict Dips
5x max reps

Partition as needed:
50 Lateral Over-KB-Burpees
100 KB Swings (53/35)
200 Double Unders

For today’s Deadlifts, warm up to a set of 2 at the weight you lifted last week. Then for the work sets, take two attempts to Deadlift the heaviest possible weight for 2 using good technique. Work in 5 sets of Dips completing max reps possible each set.

Break up the work during the conditioning as you see fit. You can complete all 50 Burpees, then all 100 KB Swings, then 200 DUs in that order, or you can do a portion of each, as long as you accumulate 50 reps, 100 reps, and 200 reps respectively. Burpees should be done by jumping laterally over the kettlebell, with both feet leaving the floor and landing at the same time.

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