Back Squat
1×10 @ Bar
2×5 @ 30-60%
2×5 @ 70% + 10lbs over last week
1x max reps @ same weight as above

4 Rounds
180m Sprint
25 Air Squats
15 Push Ups
5 Strict Pull Ups

We’re on week three of our Back Squat strength cycle. Based on the number of max reps you did last week, we’ll move up 10-20 pounds for this week’s working sets. These max sets should be getting more difficult, so be sure to use a spotter if necessary and maintain proper form and depth throughout.

During the conditioning, we’ll start each round with a run to Chapel Hill Road and back. We’ll then complete 25 Air Squats, 15 Push Ups, and 5 Strict Pull Ups. If you’re still working on Strict Pull Ups, complete either Negative Pull Ups, Banded Pull Ups, or Ring Rows.

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