Partner Workout

Partition in any order:
400m Buddy Carry
4 Rope Climbs
30 Over-Partner Burpees
40 Toes to Bar
50 Partner Wall Balls (20/14)
Ground to Overhead (4,000lb/2,500lb)
400m Buddy Carry

Today’s workout will be completed in teams of two. Movements may be done in any order, but once you start that movement you must finish it before you move on to the next one.
– The buddy carries may be done over the shoulder or piggy back style. Feel free to switch as often as needed.
– Rope Climbs may be scaled to 3 pulls from a lying position to a standing position – we will review prior to starting the workout.
– For over-partner burpees, one partner should hold a plank while the other does a burpee and jumps over their planked companion.
– Toes to Bar should be done with one partner working and the other resting.
– For partner Wall Balls, stand about 1-2 feet from your partner, both facing the wall. Complete a Wall Ball, but instead of throwing it to yourself, throw against the wall towards your partner so they can catch, drop into a squat, and throw back to you against the wall.
– For the Ground to Overhead, choose a weight you can both do safely. The heavier you go, the fewer reps you’ll have to do, but the harder it will be. Power Cleans and Jerks is the recommendation, but Snatches are allowed if desired.

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