Overhead Squat
1-2 Warm up sets
5 sets to work to a heavy set of 3

4 Rounds
10 Front Squats (155/105)
10 Over Bar Burpees

We’ll start today by practicing Overhead Squats. If you’re comfortable with this movement and mobility is not an issue, take 5 sets to gradually work up to a heavy set of 3. If you’re newer to the movement or your flexibility is an issue, keep the weight light and work on technique. Remember to stay tall, keep your core tight, and hit full depth on all these reps!

The conditioning should be quick but difficult. We’ll take barbells from the ground for the Front Squats. Choose a weight that will be challenging for you, but that you can do unbroken for each set of 10. Burpees should be done as fast as possible.

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