Back Squat
2-3 Warm Up Sets
2 sets of 5 at 10lbs above last week
1 set of max reps at same weight

Death by
Even minutes: Burpees
Odd minutes: Wall Balls

This is the last week of our GSLP Back Squat strength cycle. After a few warm-up sets, add 10lbs above last week’s working weight and complete 2 sets of 5 reps, then 1 set of as many as you can get. These sets should be very heavy, consider using a spotter if necessary.

We’re repeating a conditioning workout we did about two months ago, just before the wellness challenge. For the sake of time, we’ll start on minute 4, so the first minute will be 4 burpees, the next will be 5 wall balls, then 6 burpees, 7 wall balls, etc. You should have documented this the last time we did it, so try to beat your score from last time!

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