4 Rounds
400m Run
1:1 Rest:Work

6 Pistols
8 Toes to Bar
10 KBS (52/35)
20 Double Unders

Today we’ll start with four 400m repeats. You should try to maintain a consistent pace for these runs, hitting each one at about a 90% pace. Rest the same amount of time it took you to run the 400m.

Scale the Pistols during the conditioning either to a box, or by using the rig as support. Work on your kipping technique for the Toes to Bar – I’d rather you string together knee raises/knees to elbow versus seeing you do multiple singles of inefficient Toes to Bar. Kettlebell Swings may be done overhead if you’re comfortable with the weight. If you’re scaling this weight below 52 or 35 pounds, you should swing to eye level and not overhead. If you can string together 2+ Double Unders, complete all 20 each round. If not, then do 10 attempts per round.

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