1a. Split Jerk
2×2 @ 75%
2×1 @ 80%
2×1 @ 85%

1b. Pistol Squats
3×10 (5 each leg)

5 Push Press (155/95)
20 Pull Ups
10 Push Press
10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
15 Push Press
5 Muscle Ups

Scale Pistol Squats to a box if needed. If you’re close to getting it, use a kettlebell as a counterbalance and see how you can do. If you have Pull Ups but not Chest to Bar Pull Ups or Muscle Ups, continue doing Pull Ups. If you can’t do Pull Ups, do not do Chest to Bar Pull Ups using a band. Either do regular Pull Ups with a smaller band, or do Ring Rows.

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