3 Rounds, not for time
20-50 Double Unders
8-12 Toes to Bar
6-10 Handstand Push Ups

800m Run

Deadlift (BW/0.75 BW)
KBS (52/35)
Sit Ups

800m Run

For today’s skill, we’ll work on Double Unders, Toes to Bar, and Handstand Push Ups. Complete 3 rounds of each movement, focusing on technique and staying consistent with each rep. For the Toes to Bar, practice your kipping Knee Raises, Knee to Elbow, or Toes to Bar. Handstand Push Ups may be done to a box, or you can practice Handstand Kick-Ups.

The workout is a 21-15-9 triplet sandwiched between two 800m runs. Deadlifts should be relatively light, and shouldn’t be broken up more than two or three times during the workout. Kettlebell Swings and Sit Ups should all be unbroken. Stay consisten on the runs – do not go out too hard, and be sure to finish the last one strong.

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