Weighted Pull Ups
5×5 AHAP

4 Rounds
400m Run
21 Box Jumps (30/24)
15 KBS (52/35)
9 Burpees

For today’s strength, we’ll work Weighted Pull Ups. If you have strict Pull Ups, try strict chest to bar. If you have those, add a dumbbell between your feet and see what you can work up to. If you’re still working on Pull Ups, practice Pull Up negatives and/or Ring Rows – make these as challenging as possible by adjusting your feet. If you’ve been working on Muscle Ups, use this time to practice those as well.

The workout is fairly straightforward – Four rounds for time of a 400m run, 21 Box Jumps, 15 KBS, and 9 Burpees. Be sure to step down on the Box Jumps, and try to complete the Kettlebell swings unbroken. Scale these up to an overhead American swing if you’re comfortable with the movement. Burpees should be fast.

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