1. Snatch Balance or Overhead Squat
3×3 @ 50-60%

2. 3 Position Snatch (Hip, Hang, Floor)
Overhead Squat
6×1 @ AHAP

21 Power Snatches (115/75)
21 Lateral Barbell Burpees
15 OHS (115/75)
15 Lateral Barbell Burpees
9 Squat Snatches (115/75)
9 Lateral Barbell Burpees

12m Time Cap

Choose a movement for the strength that is applicable for your level. If you’re experienced/comfortable Snatching, warm up with the Snatch Balance, then move on to the 3 Position Snatch. If you’re new to the movement, start with the Overhead Squat, and if you want to move into the Snatch Balance, then do it. If you want/need to stay at the Overhead Squat the whole time, that’s fine too.

Scale the weights/movements accordingly to finish the workout under the time cap. Lateral burpees should be done by jumping with two feet off the ground, and landing with both feet at the same time.

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