1-2 Warm Up sets
6×2 – Work up to a heavy double

4 Rounds
4 Push Press (80% triple)
14 KBS (53/35)
25 Double Unders

After 1-2 warm-up sets, complete 6 sets of 2 Thrusters, gradually increasing the weight. Be sure to maintain a vertical torso, stay back in your heels, pull your chin back, and use your hips to drive the weight overhead.

For the conditioning, we’ll take bars from the ground for the Push Press, loaded with about 80% of what you hit for a triple last week. If you don’t know that weight, we’ll discuss during class. Complete 4 Push Presses, 14 Kettlebell Swings, and 25 Double Unders each round. This workout should be fast – the Push Press and KBS should be completed without dropping the bar or the kettlebell.

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