Strength and Conditioning
3 x 500m Row, 1:1 Rest

5 Cleans (135/95)
6 Toes to Bar

Max Height Box Jump

Today, you’ll start by either rowing three 500m repeats, or with a 6m AMRAP of 5 Cleans and 6 Toes to Bar. For the rowing, rest at a 1:1 ratio – so, if it takes you 2:00 to row your first 500m, you should rest for 2:00. Try to stay consistent on each 500m interval. For the AMRAP, choose a weight you can move fairly quickly.

After completing the first two events, we’ll use the rest of the time to establish a max height Box Jump. Your legs will be tired, so be sure to give yourself a few warm-up jumps at a height you know you can get before stacking plates.

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