10m Every Minute on the Minute
2-5 Strict Pull Ups

3 Rounds
800m Run
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit Ups

For today’s strength, complete 2-5 Pull Ups every minute for 10 minutes. If you can get more than 5 Strict Pull Ups, make them Strict Chest to Bar, or add weight. Scaling options include Jumping/Negative Pull Ups, or Ring Rows – if you scale to Ring Rows, try to complete 8-10 each round.

The conditioning is the Hero WOD “Michael.” Complete 3 rounds of an 800m run, 50 Back Extensions, and 50 Sit Ups. The Back Extensions and Sit Ups should be done on the ground using an Ab Mat if necessary, not using the GHD. If you have been CrossFitting for shorter than 6 weeks, scale the Sit Ups to 25 each round.

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