1. Strict Pull Ups
5×5 @ AHAP

2. Accumulate 1 minute in L Sit

200m Run
400m Run
800m Run
1 Mile Run

If you have Strict Pull Ups, complete 5 sets of 5 with about 90s rest between sets. If unweighted Pull Ups are easy, add weight using the belt or a DB between your feet. The L Sit should be done either supported above the rings, or hanging from the Pull Up rig. Scale this movement by lowering your feet rather than having the legs out straight.

Rest after each run interval for the amount of time it took you to finish that run (Ex. The 400m run took 60 seconds, rest 60 seconds before starting the 800m run).

200m Run: Start at front door of Cary Glass, run counter-clockwise, in garage door
400m Run: Out front door, 1.5 laps, in garage door
800m Run: Out garage door, 3 laps, in garage door
1 Mile Run: Out garage door, 6 laps, in garage door

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