Barbells For Boobs Saturday at CrossFit RDU! Come out between 9 – 11:30 and support our athletes and a great cause!! As a result of our fundraising efforts, there will be no Saturday classes.

Shoulder Press
1×10 @ Bar
2×5 @ 30-60%
2×5 @ last week + 5-10lbs
1x max reps @ last week + 5-10lbs

Push Press (135/95)
Lateral Box Jumps (24/20)

This is the last week of our Shoulder Press strength cycle, so these working sets should be heavy. Be sure you’re warmed up appropriately before starting your work sets. If you did not make all 5 reps in your last set last week, stay at the same weight. If you did, then add 5 lbs.

The conditioning is a classic couplet: Push Press and Lateral Box Jumps. You do not have to open your hips all the way on the box jumps, just try to move from one side to the other as efficiently as possible.

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