5 minutes Double Under Practice

Overhead Squat
5 sets of 3, gradually working up to a heavy set of 3

3 Rounds
400m Run
15 Wall Balls (20/14)
12 Over-Box Jumps (24/20)

Start today with 5 minutes of dedicated Double Under practice. If you have Double Unders, go for a new unbroken PR. If you’re still working on them, start with some singles and gradually move to adding in some doubles with your singles.

After a 1-2 warm-up sets, take 5 sets to gradually build up to a heavy set of 3 for the Overhead Squat. Keep your core tight and your shoulders engaged throughout the movement.

For the conditioning, try to move through the Wall Balls unbroken. The Box Jumps can be done by jumping forward or laterally over the box. You do not have to stand all the way up on top of the box, and please do not rebound at the bottom of your jumps. The 400m run is out the front door, counter-clockwise around the building 1.5 laps, and in the garage door.

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