Community Class
Community Class tomorrow at 11am! Come on out and start your Saturday with us!

Sarah’s Birthday WOD
800m Run
60 KB/DB Snatches (50/25)
50 Box Jumps (24/20)
40 Push Ups
30 Front Squats (115/75)
20 Hand Release Burpees
10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
800m Run

Today’s chipper workout is in honor of Sarah A’s birthday! Start and finish the workout with an 800m run – that’s in/out of the garage door, and 3 laps around the building. You must finish each movement before moving on to the next one. For the Snatches, choose either a kettlebell or dumbbell you can single-arm Snatch safely for 60 reps – this may be a bit lighter than you’d normally go. If you choose a kettlebell, be sure to place it on the ground between each rep. Take the Front Squats from the floor, and keep that strong rack position throughout the movement – the bar should be resting on your shoulders, not your hands/wrists. Don’t forget to release your hands at the bottom of each burpee – these will be a bit tougher than regular burpees.

After finishing, be sure to wish Sarah a happy birthday and thank her for 800m runs and Box Jumps!

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