Guest Blog Post: Meredith Darlington
In May 2013, after CrossFitting for 10 months and finally hitting some goals, my chiropractor told me my spine was not made for lifting. I saw the X-rays, and I understood what they meant in regards to my back, but I disagreed with his conclusion.

That night, I took to the Internet! I did some research about mobility and found that Dr. Kelly Starrett (MobilityWOD.com, owner of San Francisco CrossFit) had just published a book: Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance. I bought it immediately.

Here are some deadlifting tips I’ve tried that have worked for me already:

1. Create tension on the bar

What do I mean by this? Let me paint a picture from the movie Gangster Squad. Two guys are stuck in jail, and two others are trying to break them out. The guys on the outside back up a car to the jail window. A rope is tied to the car bumper. They then tie the rope to the bars on the window. The driver hits the gas, the car moves, the rope gets taught, and the bumper flies off! You saw that coming right?

Instead, they should have slowly accelerated, bringing the rope from slack to tight, and THEN pulled. You should also do this with your deadlift!

2. Tighten up before your pop, lock, and drop it

Squeeze the booty, the core, and drive out your feet. Drop it (kinda) like a squat (after Tip 3).

3. Superman that bar

Grip the bar like you are the Man of Steel bending steel. Your right hand drives right; your left hand drives left. Keep your chest up with your hips back so your feel tight in your hamstrings. (Note: You should also feel these tight hammies before the pull in your cleaning and snatching.)

4. Avoid the stripper pose

Remember Tip 1? If you have tension on the bar, your locked arms are going to force your hips and shoulders to move at the same time. Without this tension, you might move your hips first until your shoulders follow. That said you’re going to look like a pole dancer. It might be sexy, but it’s not good for deadlifts. Concentrate on keeping your spine in the same neutral position it started and tension on the bar, and stand up with your hips and shoulders together. Extend until your hips are completely open at the top.

6×3 @ 70%

100 OHS (95/65)
3 Burpees at the top of every minute (including minute 0)
10m Time Cap
100 Double Unders
5m time cap

Today is week 4 of our Deadlift cycle. We’ll drop the weight a bit from the first 3 weeks. Be sure to maintain perfect form throughout these movements, and think speed as you move the barbell.

The conditioning starts with 3 burpees as time begins. From there, you have until the next minute starts to complete as many Overhead Squats as possible. When the next minute hits, you must drop your barbell and immediately complete 3 Burpees. The goal is to accumulate 100 OHS as quickly as possible, with a 10 minute time cap. If you finish the 100 OHS within the 10 minute time cap, immediately start on your 100 Double Unders. If you don’t, then stop Overhead Squatting at 10 minutes and start on your 100 Double Unders.

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