Back Squat
1 set of 10 @ Bar
2-3 warm-up sets gradually working up to last week’s weight
2 sets of 5 @ 5-10lbs + last week
1x max reps @ 5-10lbs + last week

4 Rounds
30s max effort row/Airdyne
30s rest
30s max effort KBS (53/35)
30s rest
30s max effort Push Ups
30s rest

Today is week five of our six week Back Squat cycle. These reps should be getting heavy, so use a spotter if needed for your max set. If you got 10+ reps last week, go up 10 lbs. If you got 9 or fewer, go up 5 lbs.

Each person should give max effort for each station during the conditioning. Use the rest periods to change stations and reset for the next movement. You should be going 90%+ each time – it’s only 30 seconds of work!

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