In teams of two:
360m Buddy Carry
8 Rope Climbs
60 Partner Burpees
160 Air Squats
Shoulder-to-overhead (5000/4000)


Each team of two will start today’s workout by completing a 360m Buddy Carry – that’ll be out/in the garage door. From there, you may complete the remaining work in any order you’d like, but you must partition it evenly (Each partner must do 4 Rope Climbs (or the appropriate scale), each partner must do 80 Air Squats, each partner must do half of the Shoulder to Overhead.) Here’s the catch: Each station will be set up at a different location, and you must Buddy Carry your way from station to station.

– Rope Climbs will be done in the warehouse. Only two teams may be on the ropes at a time. Scale 1 Rope Climb to 2 Pulls from the Ground.
– Partner Burpees will be done in the grass next to the big parking lot in the back. Both partners must complete all the Burpees together. Scale these up from a high five at the top of the Burpee to a chest bump.
– Air Squats will be done in the back parking lot. Each partner should do 80.
– Shoulder to Overhead will be done either in the warehouse or on the concrete right outside the garage door. For the Shoulder to Overhead, each duo will be able to choose the weight/reps that will get you to 5000/4000 lbs as quickly as possible. So, if a team of 2 girls puts 100lbs on the bar, they must do 40 Shoulder to Overheads as a team. These can be Push Press, Push Jerk, or Split Jerk.

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