1. Row
500m for time

2. “Strict Press Biathlon”
800m Run
21 Unbroken Strict Press (115/75)
800m Run
18 Unbroken Strict Press (115/75)
800m Run
15 Unbroken Strict Press (115/75)
*130m Run penalty must be completed any time the strict press is broken
30m Time Cap

After warming up, complete a 500m row for max effort. You should be very warm before doing this – the heart rate should be pretty high, and the legs/back should be ready to go hard.

After recovering, start the Strict Press Biathlon. There shouldn’t be too much warm-up needed for this. You must run a penalty lap each time you break up a set of 21, 18, or 15 Strict Presses. Breaking up the set means you can’t do another rep, so you can rest in the front rack if you want. Definitely consider strategy for this workout, and scale the Strict Press weight for something you can do for at least 10 unbroken reps. 800m run is out the garage, 3 laps, and in the garage.

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