If you haven’t already, sign up for the Paleo Challenge! It starts Monday the 12th and will run for 1 month. What better way to end the summer than by feeling great, continuing to get strong, and perhaps seeing even more strength and fitness gains than ever before!

Clean and Jerk
Warm Up
6×1 AHAP

4 Rounds
5 Clean and Jerks (65% today’s max)
25 Double Unders

After warming up your Clean and Jerk, complete six singles, gradually moving the weight up as you make your lifts. If you are newer to these movements, you may take the Cleans from the hang, and you may do a Push Jerk. If you’re more advanced, your Cleans should be taken from the ground, and you should practice your Split Jerk. You may catch these in a Power Clean if you’d like, but the preference is to get proficient dropping into a squat when you catch your Clean.

For the conditioning, Cleans should be Squat Cleans, unless you must do Power Cleans for injury/comfort level purposes. Like the strength portion, if you need to take these from the hang, do it; however if you’re proficient, these should be from the ground. Scale the Double Unders to 10 attempts per round if needed.

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