Thursday 11/6 Open Gym
There are regular Open Gym hours tomorrow. 6am – 8am, and 5pm – 7:30pm.

New Class Time
Starting Monday 11/10, we will offer a 9:30am class! This class will be available Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays only.

New Gym Update
Good news – after about 9 months of working with the Town of Cary, we finally secure building permits for the new space!! They have already started tearing out many of the walls and will begin installing the new bathrooms, lights, etc. over the next few weeks. There is no set timeline on when we’ll move in, but hopefully we’ll be there before the end of the year. Thanks everyone for your patience over the last few months, we’ll be in our new home soon enough!

Upcoming Competitions
After a successful weekend at the Triangle Invitational, I wanted to send out information about two upcoming local competitions.

1. Christmas Throwdown at CrossFit 919 in Durham
Saturday, December 6
This is a smaller, individual-only competition that features fairly basic workouts. There aren’t too many crazy movements, so this would be a good first-time competition, or a good first-time Individual Rx competition. The workouts have already been posted so you can take a look.

2. War of the WODs in Greensboro
Saturday and Sunday, January 17-18
This competition features both Individual and two person Team options, Rx and Scaled for both. This is the fourth year they’re putting on this event, and it’s been very well-programmed and well-run each year. This competition is a bit more difficult, but is very do-able for most people interested in competing. This would be a great competition for us to bring multiple teams in both the Scaled and Rx divisions.

Please let any of your coaches know if you’re interested in either competition, or if you have any questions about competing in general.

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