CrossFit Brave Update


CrossFit Brave Update

I started CrossFit Brave in late 2012 with a goal of making a direct, positive impact on peoples’ lives. I wanted to pursue my passion of coaching CrossFit and I wanted to build a community that would allow people to have fun and improve their fitness. I’m proud of what CrossFit Brave has become, and I’m thankful for everyone who has ever stepped foot through our doors.

I’m happy to announce that I am selling CrossFit Brave to an ownership group that shares my vision and passion and will continue the great work we’ve done. Dave Rubin and Jack Wiggen have more than a decade of combined experience owning CrossFit gyms in the Triangle, and the new head coach David Needham has already made a positive impact with the members at Brave. With the re-starting of my consulting career, plus the possibility of moving away from the Triangle in the not too distant future, it is time for me to pass CrossFit Brave on to a team that will give it the proper attention and energy it deserves for continued growth. I will continue coaching at Brave and I look forward to more long Saturdays and Sundays, leaving the gym hours after the official closing time after throwing down on a few unplanned workouts with whoever is around.

Thank you to all our coaches for taking time out of your full-time jobs to shape Brave and help our members reach their goals. Your willingness to lead others, which was a natural fit for some and a step outside the comfort zone for others, has made a huge difference for a lot of people. I know we’ll continue to do great work and will always strive to improve for ourselves and for the members.

I can’t possibly type out everything I’m feeling, specifically with regards to all the current and former members who have made Brave what it is and who have helped me realize the dream I set when we opened our doors. Not many people get to live their dreams, but because of you I can say that I have. I’ve been lucky enough to witness enough physical and mental transformations that hearing stories of people losing 30 pounds in 4 months, or quitting smoking, or hitting a lift they never thought they could is no longer surprising to me; it’s merely the product of what you can achieve by surrounding yourself with positive people, being consistent, and working hard.

I have full confidence in Dave, Jack, and David to continue to nurture and grow our gym community here. From a functional perspective, you shouldn’t expect too much to change. Class times and coaches will remain in place, and there will be an increase in class offerings. The gym location has been secured for the long term, and all current athletes will be locked into their current membership rates. These guys are very excited to be part of CrossFit Brave. Feel free to contact them with any questions or concerns you might have!

Thanks everyone! I’m looking forward to continuing coaching and working out alongside you all and I’m excited to watch Brave grow into the future.

CF Brave!

We are super excited to have the opportunity to become part of your Community! What Mike has built over the last 4 years is something to be proud of and we looking forward to working with all of you and your coaches to continue to make Brave THE place to train CrossFit in Cary.

We are two of the “old guard” of CrossFit here in the Triangle, dating back to August 2008, and currently running 3 boxes in Durham. We will bring our formula for success with us to help Brave continue to grow and thrive. David Needham will serve as Head Coach and Managing Partner beginning September 1st and will be your absolute “go to” guy to ensure your CrossFit experience at Brave is top notch.

Big thanks to Mike for creating this thriving Community, and thank you, in advance, to all of you for giving us the opportunity to be part of your CrossFit experience. If anyone has any questions or concerns for us, please do not hesitate to reach out. We look forward to meeting everyone very soon!

Dave Rubin
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Jack Wiggen
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