Friday, August 5th, 2016


Friday, August 5th, 2016

Shoulder Press:



7 Min AMRAP:

12 OH walking lunges (95/65)

9 Push Press (95/65)

6 C2B Pull ups


For the shoulder press, work up to the heaviest weight you can get for the day, but stick to this rep scheme.  After completing a few warm up sets, start the first set of five and add weight for each set. You may have to take larger jumps in the beginning so you don’t wear yourself out during the sets, and if you are attempting a new 1RM, remember that it’s ok to fail on one of the sets!  You’ll just lower the weight and keep working if that happens.


We should be able to handle the OH walking lunges  the same way we did in the open, but if space doesn’t allow for walking, OH lunges in place are still ok. Push your self to a more challenging scale for the C2B Pull ups than you usually use.


This one should move quick, team.  Get after it!!!


Also, be sure to wish Coach Victoria good luck!  She competes tomorrow!!!




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