Friday, June 1, 2018


Friday, June 1, 2018


Mobilize –

Front Squat



Front Squat (Week 9 of 9)

Part A:
find a HEAVY Pause FS (3-sec in bottom/10-sec in FR Postion)

Part B:
Apply 85% of your “Heavy” for (3-3-3) Same Pauses as above

-For the 3×3, 1 full set of the 3 is 0:39-seconds
-Ensure people are keeping elbows up, tight core, and leading with their elbows when driving up with their hips coming through (Forward)


Every 4-mins for 12-mins (3 Rounds)

Run 400 Meters
21 KBS
12 Pullups

L1: 53/35 (Unbroken American Swings), Chest to Bar, 400m Run
L2:: 53/35 (Russian), 8 CTB, 400m Run
L3: 35/25 (Russian), 8 Pull-ups, 300m Run
L4: 25/20 (Russian), 12 Ring Rows, 200 Meter Run



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