Saturday, April 9th, 2016


Saturday, April 9th, 2016


The workout today is in honor of a fallen hero; Brian Woehlke, 29, of Detroit, Michigan, died at the scene of a fire in Westland, Michigan, on May 8, 2013. Woehlke graduated from the Schoolcraft Fire Program in 2008 and joined the Western Wayne Fire Authority in 2012.

He is survived by his wife, Jennifer; daughter, Ava; parents, William and Elizabeth; brothers, William, Robert and Bradley; and numerous other friends and family members.

This workout will be tough, and you are welcome to use a partner and scale the load and reps as you and your coach deem necessary.  However, consider taking today and an opportunity to really push yourself to your limit and see what you can accomplish.  The sacrifices others make to keep their communities safe deserve to be honored.  So give your all today.  It’s ok if it’s a struggle.  It’s ok if you don’t complete the workout in the time cap provided.  But just do you best- I bet you can do far more than you think.


3 rounds, each for time of:
4 jerks, (185/125)
5 front squats, (185/125)
6 power cleans, (185/125)
40 pull-ups
50 push-ups
60 sit-ups

Rest 3 minutes between rounds.


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