Saturday, June 2, 2018


Saturday, June 2, 2018

For Time – (9 Min Cap)

300 Double-Unders (Total…NOT PER PERSON)


20 Power Cleans
20 T2B
15 Power Cleans
15 T2B
10 Power Cleans
10 T2B

L1: 135/95, T2B, Double Unders
L2: 115/85, T2B, Double Unders
L3: 75/55, K2E, 2x Singles
L4: DB Power Cleans, K2E, Singles

How to get through the workout: Total 300 Double Unders, then break up the (20-15-10)  however.
How to Score- Time of Completion

(3-min Rest)

Against 12-mins… (1 Person on Ladder/1 Person Runs 400m)


Bar Over Burpees

How to get through the workout: Switch when partner returns from 400m Run.
How to Score- Time of Completion

L1: 135/95, 400m Run, Bar Facing Burpees
L2: 115/85, 400m Run, Bar Over Burpees
L3: 75/55, 300m Run, Bar Over Burpees
L4: DB DL, DB S2OH, 200m Run, Reg. Burpees

(3-min Rest)

12-min AMRAP

1 Person: Rows for Calories
1 Person: Works on AMRAP

**Switch Every: 40/32 Calories

20 OHS
30 Box Jump Overs

How to get through the workout: 1 Person works on AMRAP/1 Person rows. Switch every 40/32 Calories.

How to Score- Rounds and Reps (+) Total Calories on the Rower

L1: Strict HSPU, 24”/20”, 135/95
L2: Kipping HSPU, 24”/20”, 115/85
L3: Scaled Kipping HSPU (Stacked Weights with AB-mat), 24”/20” Step Overs, 75/55
L4: Push-ups, 20”/17” Step Overs, KB Goblet Squats

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