Scheduling Update


Scheduling Update

Effective immediately, we will offer Open Gym time on Thursdays INSTEAD of our regular class schedule. Until demand changes, there will be NO MORNING Thursday Open Gym. Most of you are on either a Monday-Wednesday-Friday or a Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, so eliminating Thursday mornings should not impact anyone at this time. Thursday evening Open Gym will run from 5:30pm – 7:45pm.

The purpose for this change is threefold:
1. To encourage a rest day for those athletes working out every day during the week. We all know rest and recovery is just as important as the work we put in at the gym, from both a physical and a psychological perspective. Rather than going hard Monday – Saturday, use this day to mobilize at home, prepare food for the rest of the week, get a massage, or do active recovery like swimming (The Triangle Aquatic Center is 5 minutes from CFB), taking your dog for a long walk, or going on an easy bike ride.

2. To allow athletes to make up a day they missed earlier in the week. If you did not come in Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, and you want to make up that day’s programming, come in and run it. There will always be a coach during Open Gym, so ask them about proper warm-up or scaling options as needed.

3. To provide athletes additional time to work weaknesses. Everyone has individual weaknesses, so after getting feedback from each of you, I felt it would be valuable to provide more Open Gym time for athletes to work on those specific things they need to sharpen their skill set. As long as you are feeling recovered, use this time to work on a lift or a skill, or practice things like rowing, double unders, or rope climbs.

I am excited about this change, and after talking to all the classes over the last week, you are too. As I stated above, if demand for more classes or different Open Gym times changes, I am open to holding a regular Thursday class, changing the hours, etc. My sole priority is to make decisions that will positively impact all CrossFit Brave athletes, so please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns with this change.

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