Thursday, March 3, 2016


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Open Gym
4:30-7:30 pm

Feel free to stick around for the open announcement at 8pm tomorrow night! If you are participating in the 16.2, we’ll run heats on Saturday and Sunday again. If you need to do it on another day, please post in the Facebook group and Mike and crew will organize a time for you to come in on Friday/Monday.

Great week last week! Even if you aren’t participating in the Open, come by and try out the workout and cheer on your friends. If you still aren’t sure what all this “Open” talk is about, here are some words from Joe DeGain, a friend, mentor and colleague that gets it exactly right:

“To all of my CrossFit friends:

The CrossFit Open starts Thursday, February 25th. I believe this is something EVERY CrossFitter should participate in. If entered with the right mindset, it will help an individual develop in skill and mental fortitude. It can simultaneously develop a community conducive to hard work, great relationships and trust. Of course, the skill development is great, and it will make you a better CrossFitter. The process of critically evaluating movement, weight, rep scheme, time domain, etc. in a CrossFit workout will help you understand YOU better. The Open is a time to embrace this necessary step in becoming better at what we’ve committed to do for our health and longevity in life.

The potential mental fortitude gained is not measurable. This fortitude is relevant both to the inside walls and outside walls of the gym. I challenge you to use the Open workouts as a chance to invest a 110% best effort into an obstacle. We shouldn’t care if the effort is better than someone else’s. We shouldn’t care if the effort is RX’d, scaled or simply spent thinking outside the box on how we can still participate. We shouldn’t care if it is better than last year. What we should care about is the necessary step of committing ourselves wholly to a physical obstacle. Whether we are successful, unsuccessful, happy or unhappy with the effort is not the big picture. The hope is that when we are faced with obstacles or adversity outside the walls of the gym, our mind and spirit are ready for the task of being fully committed to the best effort possible.

Use the Open as a chance to embrace this necessary step in knowing how to commit yourself wholly to something.

As many of us have experienced, the above two processes done together by an entire community is more powerful than my simple mind can out into words. Let’s lean on each other more than a normal WOD. We all love to rejoice or bitch about a WOD’s ingredients. Let’s celebrate the opportunity to do it a little more for the entire 5 weeks. Let’s help each other through our defeats for those 5 weeks. This will help us develop a deeper sense of camaraderie than we had before. It will help us love and trust the very community we have chosen to help us sustain a life of health and longevity.

The Open is not just an effort to find the world’s fittest man and woman. It is also a chance to celebrate every aspect that is great about CrossFit. Everything we love about CrossFit gets to be looked at through a magnified lens, and we all get a chance to do it simultaneously. From coach to client. From client to coach. From client to client, affiliate to affiliate, region to region. There could be over 300,000 participants this year. I charge you to be part of something special. Something bigger than any of us. Something only achievable by the power of a community simultaneously participating in it.

I share ALL of us to do it, and do it with the right mindset to make it a great Open season.”

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