CrossFit Brave is a community-based Strength and Conditioning Program for anyone looking to get into the best shape of their life. Our workouts change each day and are made up of weightlifting, gymnastics, running, plyometrics, kettlebells, sandbags and other functional movements. You will never be bored. The majority of people can’t stick with an exercise program because they don’t enjoy it. We’ll show you how working out can be fun.


The success of any structure is built on a good base. The base of the CrossFit Pyramid is Nutrition. We want to help you in every aspect it takes to be successful, most importantly Nutrition. We have several different program options suitable to your knowledge level and needs. Our program helps you succeed not only in the gym, but in life. Get started today!


CrossFit is centered around its community. Brave is one of the best at exemplifying what CrossFit is all about. You will feel welcomed from your first class and every time you walk in the door afterwards. Monthly community events, a daily question before class, and people who love doing what you’re doing all make for one of the most positive and encouraging environments you could ask for. Everyone strives to make the class the best hour of their day. The community here at Brave is an intangible quality you can’t ask or find anywhere else.

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